Nation’s introduces one of the industry’s coolest Water-Based forms of extraction. What we call the “NexGen Experience”. The NexGen is a vacuum sealed “Explosion Proof” essential oil extraction and reclamation unit capable of extracting oils by utilizing critically cold operations under negative pressure whilst salvaging your essential oils and terpenes derived from a multitude of different types of plant matter. DO NOT confuse the NexGen model with many others on the open market that have non-hermetically sealed motors claiming to be explosion proof. The NexGen follows the OSHA guidelines of being utilized in a manufacturing environment and not just designed for laboratory use. The primary solvent used with any of our NexGen models is a 190 proof organic cane ethanol which by definition is a consumable product and is approved by many states as a water-based system if being the only solvent used along with non-denatured ISO within any given licensed facility.

The NexGen is designed with a -30 degree chiller capable of freezing the solvent kept in the reactor vessel preserving the needed product without damaging or losing any of the valuable oils. The unit utilizes only a few 240v connections for the chiller, rotary motor, vacuum pump and electrically heated water vessel. The NexGen has the ability to run 24/7 with a standard load capacity of 5lbs per hour or upwards of 20lbs per hour if processing pollen material rather than raw plant matter.

All extractors are subject to availability. Pre-orders are expected to have a 4 to 6 weeks lead time due to manufacturing and outsourced components. Once an order has been placed and a deposit has been provided, Nation’s will provide our clients with a complete set of instructions to set up the facility prior to delivery of any one of our NexGen Models. Each model comes with a comprehensive standard operations manual. All of our NexGen extractors are capable of being coupled with the QuickVac Pollen Strainer and Cannabinator Tumblr. Don’t wait, get your order in to minimize further down time and further delays with shipping requirement.