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Nation’s is a small group of individuals who have extensive knowledge directly dealing with local government authority. We pride ourselves on being professionals who have dealt with the frustration and headache of local and state regulatory requirements; making our mistakes along the way and have simply streamlined the process on numerous levels to assist in minimizing the frustration of the legal system. Nation’s will assist with your local and state municipalities to help minimize the time and efforts required placing you into a turn-key operation.

Are you simply looking to get past the local authority application process with unknown zoning, water, police and fire department requirements or simply needing help with schematics for your interior design work to show the state where your safety and security plans, odor mitigation and lighting will exist? Perhaps your time is spent elsewhere and need a representative to oversee everything from the application process stepping into a turn-key operation capable of generating revenue. Either avenue, Nation’s can help.

  • Investment Opportunities
    We deliver full facilities operations and maintenance (O&M) services.
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  • On-Site Evaluations
    AGC provides integrated turn-key solutions for mission critical or daily IT operations.
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  • Policy Guidelines
    We use this framework and scale it to our customers’ scope and size to achieve our customers’ business goals and objectives.
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  • Ownership Transfers
    Not certain how to transfer your business, license or property? Nations has completed numerous “Transfer of Ownership” applications.
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  • Nation's NexGen Products
    Our innovative business solutions equip our clients with best practices.
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We Make Your Life Easier

We know how difficult getting going can be. 

Assess Your Need

We start off with a universal Non-Disclosure Agreement which allows Nation’s to safely and securely determine your current infrastructure without compromising intellectual property.

Setup a Plan

We will identify and evaluate your business model or plan to find the most expeditious route possible for up-coming approvals with both county and state.

Implement the Plan

Once your path has been identified, we will implement the required action plan and work with all municipalities to move forward.


Nation’s will monitor and oversee each and every facet of the approval process to the point of developing a turn-key operation if needed.

Transfer of Ownership

Trying to purchase a property or looking for support in managing the acquisition?  Nations Own excels in these services.

All About Compliance

From safety and security plans to structural floor plan designs, evacuations manuals, policy handbooks and more.

Business of the Business

Let’s talk marketing, accounting, training curriculums and so much more.  We have the expertise to save you time and money.