Why Nations Own?

We generate our criteria around local authority..

Nation’s is a small group of individuals who have extensive knowledge in the legal system dealing directly with local authority and state approval processes. We pride ourselves on being professionals who have dealt with the frustration and headache of local and state regulatory requirements; making our mistakes along the way and have simply streamlined the process on numerous levels to assist in minimizing the frustration of the legal system. Nation’s will generate a simple cost proposal based on each local and state municipality to help minimize the time and efforts required placing you into a turn-key operation.

Featured Projects

Pueblo “Recreational Cultivation and Infused Product Manufacturing Facility”

(April 2015)

The term “Going Places” sets the standard for this company. I company whereby both regulatory statue and hitting the ground running was simply nothing more than a cliché. This company set up four 30,000 sqft greenhouses and a 5000 sqft infused product facility utilizing Nations NexGen extraction system to provide a water-based platform bringing yet another solventless product to the Colorado Recreational market. We assisted in their initial approval process through both county and state utilizing standard operating procedures, a complete Safety and Security Plan, multiple types of training curriculums and a structured tier of modifications prior to receiving their certificate of occupancy. A company to be reckoned with whose moto is simply: “The greatest thing in the world is not where you’re going or where you’ve been but what direction your willing to take to get there”. We at Nations wish you the best of luck ladies.

Desert Hot Springs California – Cultivation and Infused Products

(October 2016)

Yet another regurgitated story about how one man can overcome obstacles and beat the system. Ron trader; a mild manner reporter from Sacramento CA elected to try his hand at cannabis; finding out all too well, there was just way too much red tape to do this on his own. Moving to Desert Hot Springs, Ron contacted Nations to assist in writing many of his regulatory guidelines dealing directly with Standard Operating Agreements, Complete Site Plan Development for his new cultivation facility and infused product laboratory, extended cultivation methods, infused product SOP’s and multiple facets of training curriculums. Ron had the enthusiasm to succeed but lacked the expertise and experience to make it happen in the time frame he needed. We were glad Nations was able to get Ron back on track and help show his investment group how to nail down the ROI they were looking for.

Penrose Colorado – Medical Cultivation and Infused Product Manufacture

(November 2016)

A company previously owned by the founder of Nations. A company that not only utilizes the NexGen extraction technology but is also infusing products to produce a clean and clear medicinal concentrate through short path distillation. A company who Nations continued to help suc-seed from the ground up. Implementation from the initial startup with public hearings to modification requirements to include extended plant counts, ServSafe necessities and site plan developments. This company really needs no introduction. A Colorado based medical infused product manufacturer producing concentrates whilst using the name of Colorado Concentrate. If you’re looking for a water-based company that is truly 100% organically grown and has a true passion for the industry. Feel free to visit them at www.ColoradoConcentrate.com

Pueblo West Colorado – Recreational Dispensary

(January 2017)

A company that seemed to be in shambles. A location that not only lost their license but also credibility with both county and state. This previous owner was ready to get out of the business due to the scrutiny and stickiness of regulatory red tape. Nations found a new investor dying to get into the industry. With the help of local authority and state sanctions, we were able to pull the deal together in just 2 months not only helping the previous owner to escape her burden but also to assist a new business entrepreneur in fulfilling a dream of becoming a cannabis dispensary owner but also helping in performing all of the necessities required for a transfer of license through both county and state. We welcome Rocky Mountain Blaze to the industry and truly wish them all the best.