Nation’s NexGen Rotovap Extraction System

Nation’s introduces one of the industry’s COOLEST Water-Based forms of extraction. What we call the “NexGen Experience”. The NexGen is a -30° vacuum sealed “Explosion Proof” essential oil extraction and reclamation unit capable of extracting oils by utilizing critically cold operations under negative pressure whilst salvaging your essential oils and terpenes derived from a multitude of plant materials.

Key features include:

  • Explosion proof motors and controllers
  • OSHA compliant for manufacturing processes
  • Solid steel support base
  • 20L / 50L & 100L reactor vessels
  • Variable speed controllers
  • Closed-loop rotary evaporator process
  • 80% to 90% reclamation proficiency
  • Double jacketed glass reactors
  • 24/7 Continuous operation capability
  • High borosilicate glass for better condensation
  • High acid and alkali resistant glass
  • 120/240v capacitance options
  • Single operator capability
  • Capable of utilizing food grade ISO or Ethanol
  • High Capacity and Chemical Resistant Vacuum Pump

Founded and developed in 2014, Nations has industrialized into one of Colorado’s premier consulting and water based extraction technology companies capable of not only assisting in diversified regulatory statue but supporting unique extraction equipment and techniques. When it comes to customer commitments and satisfaction, not many companies are as focused as Nations. Although product selection and value added services have a place in our company’s mission statement, it’s crystal clear; each and every aspect of our business is about the customer: “Nation’s will work relentlessly to give our clients the most compelling experience possible whether we dive into site plan development or provide NexGen products to meet the needs of their organization. We strive to uphold the highest standards for customer service and are always helping our clients achieve the most expeditious routes possible to make their experience a memorable one.”