“NexUS” Tumbler

NexUS” Tumbler

Nations would like to introduce one of the industry’s newest dual tumblers capable of supporting upwards of 20lbs of raw product.


The NexUS Tumbler is designed to fit the needs of our client base that insist on a more robust and hearty pollen type extractor when dealing directly on small or medium batch production whilst having the ability by design capable of moving around on any surface with the optional commercial grade castors; withstanding adverse conditions of being bashed around or even having the ability to be stacked. The “US” in NexUS stands for Unified Simplicity.  Combining the ease of use with the uniformity of running simultaneous or split batches enables the user to select small or medium batch production runs. The NexUS is designed with two separate DC torque motors, 3 and 5 amp fuses with added surge protection, a ¼” thick polycarbonate skeleton design, 316 stainless steel 120 or 150 micron barrels, steel re-enforced rotating couplers, machined polycarbonate barrel support bases and an external vibration device for quickly removing pollen from both the lid and sidewalls. Not to mention the optional internal sealed dividing wall for multiple batches. Each unit comes equipped with hydraulic actuating arms to assist in raising the lid without the repetitive strain of removing and installing as each batch necessitates. Feel free to reach out for further information and learn just how you too can start exceeding the industry standard.

NexUS 2

For an even more robust system having the capability of holding upwards of 100lbs of raw product, we introduce our up-coming NexUS 2 Tumbler with reduced speed controllers, chain drive with steel reduction gears, steel support base, 316 stainless 120 micron screen, external vibration device, hermetically sealed enclosure, roller bearing catch tray along with a wide array of unique additions to help you transition into an entirely different realm of bulk production processes. Our NexUS 2 Tumbler should be ready to roll out this summer with Nations step by step installation guide with video and our complete full 1 year warranty. We look forward to hearing from you soon.