QuickVac Pollen/Kief Strainer with 3 CFM Vacuum Pump

Nations is proud to offer one of our newest products designed to work within the NexGen lineup. A US made filtering system we call The “QuickVac” Pollen Strainer. Our strainer is made from aircraft grade T6 Aluminum designed to filter out the most difficult of pollen products in a very precise and expedient manner. With the use of a single stage 3 cfm vacuum pump provided with each purchase of the QuickVac system, the strainer is coupled with our NexGen extraction system.

The QuckVac is the second lineup in our system after having been tumbled using our 20lb Cannabinator rotary tumblr. The QuckVac is used after having infused your pollen with our recommended food grade 190 proof organic cane ethanol or non-denatured ISO and strips the oils through a final vacuum purging process. Once vacuumed purged, the pollen is then discarded and you are left with a pre-filtered infused ethanol ready for reclamation using the NexGen extractor or other type reclamation rotary evaporator. The QuckVac was designed to be utilized with any type paper filter such as your standard household paper towel for quick and easy removal of the infused oils. There are no moving parts and no explosion requirements. The QuickVac has internal baffles capable of supporting the strongest of vacuum pressures if desired for a better negative pressure.

Instructions for use: Once your pollen has been extracted using the recommended solvent, you need to understand exactly how to remove the pollen from the solvent salvaging those important and expensive oils? Simply apply vacuum to the QuickVac strainer, place your filter paper into the center hopper and pour in the contents. The magic happens by creating a seal with the fluid forcing the important oils and solvent into the strainer leaving behind the pollen. Discard the pollen once completed, replace the filter and pour again. It’s that simple. Don’t continue wasting your time starting with Buchner funnels waiting and waiting for it to finish. Start your pre-purge process using the QuickVac system and your post filtering will be a snap.